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Tapa cloth, Honey, Coffee, Weaving, and more


The Warren Family welcome you to our home.

Our Family are in 4 home spread out through Adamstown.

Nana & Daddad- Mum & Dad  plus the kids-  Uncle & Aunty- Great Grandma & Lala

COST per person $100usd per day.

Silver Supporter rotation. Thursday morning to Sunday afternoon. $400usd

Silver Supporter rotation. Thursday morning to Sunday ( week) afternoon. $1100usd

Visitors welcome even yachties will be taken care of.

Yachts needing to get fresh produce. Call Carol

UP TOMMY'S ACCOMODATION located near center of Adamstown near store.

UP TOMMY'S-  Owners Jay & Carol Warren.

Meet Jay. A 7th generation Bounty descendant. A 99%  chance he is the one to drive you ashore in the longboat. The Supervising engineer for the Island. He is also the Department for Conservation and he is kept busy keeping the Island's machinery functioning.  Meet  Carol.(Pictured above on the mower) Born a Christian. 6th Generation from Mauatua & Fletcher. Carol is the Head of department for CAC. She is the New Museum curator & Librarian. 

Carol is an avid gardener and have many garden patches over the Island. She is one of the creators of the Eco trail on Pitcairn. Both are trained at Kew gardens in horticulture.

What do you get for your $100 per day per person:

  • 3 bedrooms available so if you are a family you are welcome to stay. Couple no problem. Single you have the top floor to yourself.
  • Guest Bathroom, Toilet on the same floor. All yours.
  • 2 double beds- 2 single beds. We can have up to 6 guest at once.
  • Private lounge room with TV & internet access.
  • Telephone & internet access by arrangement. Please ask.
  • All meals & laundry included. guarantee location for the freshest vegetables and local fruit on your table.
  • Pickup at Bounty Bay when you arrive and drop of when you leave. Tours of the Island guided by Jay & Carol are by arrangement.
  • Smokers can smoke outside please.

DOWN ALWYNS ACCOMODATION located just passed center of Adamstown.

DOWN ALWYNS - Owners Darralyn & Turi Griffiths.

Meet Darralyn Griffiths born on Pitcairn. A Warren, daughter of Jay & Carol. 7th Generation Bounty descendant.

A registered Nurse trained in NZ, she works in our PI Health center with the doctor. She specialize in elderly care. She is an elected council member for the Island Council and a portfolio holder for Culture.

Meet Turi Griffiths (pictured above on his quad). He is Rarotongan decent born in NZ, He is the maintenance  worker at Bounty Bay. Road worker and contractor, School maintenance officer. always wearing a smile.

What do you get for your $100 per day per person:

  • 1 bedroom available with Queen size bed. Couples are most welcome. singles you will have plenty room.
  •  Own onsuite.
  •  TV available in the main lounge.
  •  Internet & phone calls by arrangement.
  •  All meals & Laudry included.
  •  Pickup from Bounty Bay and delivered to Bounty Bay.
  • Smokers can smoke outside please.

TE KIVA BOUNTY ACCOMODATION location 8 minute walk  above Adamstown 

Meet Vaine Peu, Born in Rarotonga, Qualified electrician. moved to Pitcairn 20 years ago . Vaine is retired and he served the community with his electrical qualification. An avid Beekeeper they have the most productive apiary on Pitcairn. Branded Delectable Bounty. Keen gardener and doing the thing he loves most a talented fisherman. serving his dishes in traditional Rarotongan/Pitcairn style. Meet Charlene Warren-Peu the mother of their 5 children. Born on Pitcairn to parents Jay & Carol.

Deputy Mayor, Postmistress, Contract worker for CAC,  Elected Council member, Spearheading the repopulation plan. She is top organizer for Community events and a great MUM.

3 of the 5 kids are in NZ attending college. Their youngest daughter Cushana age nearly 9 is very helpful with information about Pitcairn. Their son Jayden came home in February and is finding his way with Island life and have taken on his young shoulders his share of the work load. 

What do you get for your $100 per day per person:

  • Te Kiva Bounty accomodation is seperate to the main homestead. it is a fully furnished Bedroom & lounge, bathroom & toilet on suite. Walk in fully furnished Kitchen/dining. Amazing view.
  • 2 King single beds.
  • All meals & Laundry
  •  Pickup from Bounty Bay and delivered to Bounty Bay.
  • Internet & Phone by arrangement
  • Guided tours by arrangement
  • Smokers can smoke outside please.

MAIMITI HAVEN location right next to center of Adamstown

MAIMITI HAVEN-Owners Mavis & Meralda Warren. 6th & 7th Bounty decendents from Teio, Mauatua, Tevarua, Toofaiti, Vahineatua and their partners.

Meet my mum Mavis who is retired and spends her days gathering materials and weaves baskets, fans, mats and ornaments. She enjoys her grans and talks about PI. Straight to the point she tells it like it is.

Meet Meralda Warren. Now a culture teacher, Contractor for CAC outhouses, Museum gardener and loves Art, creating things. Keen Beekeeper

What do you get for your $100 per day per person:

  • Bedroom with King single bed
  • Shared bathroom & Toilet
  • All meals and Laundry
  • Pickup from Bounty Bay and delivered to Bounty Bay.
  • Relax on the deck and watch native Birds.
  • TV available in main lounge.
  • Internet & Phone by arrangement
  • Guided tours by arrangement

Smokers can smoke outside please.

Welcome to our families accommodation offer. Enjoy your stay on Pitcairn Island


 PLEASE STATE PRIVATE BOOKING when you book your fare through Pitcairn Island Tourism. 







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What do we do as a family to make your stay enjoyable:

  • Family get together dinners.
  • Sunset dinners at Highest point when weather & season permits.
  • Show you our Pitcairn.
  • Answer your questions about Pitcairns History, present day & future.
  • Lunch on the hilltops, Down Bounty Bay or Big Mango.
  • Challenge a tennis match topped of with an outing ending in good socializing.
  • Involving you in family activities.
  • Most of all Having FUN.

We will make sure you have the best taste of Pitcairn we can offer due to seasonal fruit, Fresh vegetables grown in our gardens, Honey, Fish, local goat, Local coffee (seasonal) etc. etc . We cater for your needs even for vegetarians.

THE WARREN FAMILY will never dream of pointing you to the kettle and telling you to fend for yourselves. For the price we charge we look after you, involve you and make sure you have the most comfortable stay possible.

Get that ultimate FISHING experience.

Go line fishing from the Boat for Pitcairn's best.

Go trawling for Tuna, Wahoo and other types of fish.

WHALE watch.

Call Jay or Vaine. on the phone or VHF:

Email: to prebook before you arrive on PI.

Price to be negotiated with Jay or Vaine.

Specifically looking for Endemic Pitcairn plants.

Learn about them from the best. Call Carol on the phone or VHF or email her on:

Price for guided tour to be negotiated with Carol.

Feeling peckish and you are Not staying with the Warren Family.. On a yacht visiting PI. need a place to eat..

DELECTABLE BOUNTY takeaways or eat in house.

Call  Darralyn and Turi  on the phone or email :

Get to know Pitcairn's bee's. Vaine and Charlene will tell you all about it and take you on a tour of their 3 apiaries. Tasting the purest Honey in the world is a must. Delectable Bounty Honey is known world wide as simply the best.

Call Vaine or Char on the phone or VHF or email:

Shopping for that Pitcairn carving or T shirt. Call in at Up Tommy's.

Shope till you drop for one of a kind items.

Call on Phone or VHF.


Weaving is a tradition passed down through PI history. Baskets, Hats, Fans & ornaments are woven here at Maimiti Haven by both of us.

Shop here for one of a kind. Tapa, weaving, shirts when available, t towels, jewellery, woven hats, xmas ornaments. just ask...

Meralda & Mavis.

I have been a beekeeper since 1978 and am happy to show you my hives. Get the tantalizing taste of Pitcairn Islands purest Honey. simply the best.

Meralda Warren.

Be involved. Sing with us in our family get togethers.

If you wish to go to church please do. The religion is SDA. All worshippers of God are welcome in our church.