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Tapa Cloth 2018 AND OLDER

Tapa Cloth 2009 ALL TAPA ON THIS PAGE ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Tapa Cloth 2009 ALL TAPA ON THIS PAGE ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE. Main Mast Made from Uru(Breadfruit) SIZE:W200mm x H330mm SOLD PRICE: $150. 50975680 Tui Tull Made from Aute SIZE: W90mm x H140mm SOLD PRICE:$50. 50975681 Wudda Made from Aute SIZE:W200mm x H95mm PRICE: $50. 50975682 Tools of the Past Made from Aute SIZE:W 200 x H185mm SOLD PRICE: $110. 50975683 Turtles Tintola Made from Uru (Breadfruit) SIZE: W200mm xH200mm SOLD PRICE: $100. 50975685 Hooked on Uru Made from Uru (Breadfruit) SIZE: W195mm x H210mm PRICE: $100. 50975686 Fenua Wahine Made from Aute SIZE: W160mm x H230mm PRICE: $150. 50975687 Crosset Made from Uru (Breadfruit) SIZE: W220 x H175mm PRICE: $110. 50975688 Fenua Made from Aute SIZE: W240mm x H170mm PRICE:$180. 50975689 Hopwei Made from Uru (Breadfruit) SIZE: W230mm x H215mm PRICE: $170 50975690 Turtle Made from Aute SIZE: W115mm x H160mm SOLD PRICE: $50. 50975691 kiti ki Made from Aute SIZE: W160mm x H103mm PRICE:$45. 50975692 Hidden dreams Made from Aute SIZE:W360mm x H230mm PRICE: $200 SOLD 50975693 TEN GENERATION Made from Aute Size W590mmxH420mm aprox. NOT FOR SALE 50975697 Uru Made from Uru ( Breadfruit NOT AVAILABLE 50975694 Saints Piece Made from Uru(Breadfruit NOT AVAILABLE 50975695 Bounty Beams Made from Uru(Breadfruit) NOT AVAILABLE 50975696