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Maimiti Haven Artworld

Tapa cloth, Honey, Coffee, Weaving, and more

July supply ship.

Hi All our supply ship Silver supporter will be here morning of the 21st if all goes well.

So Orders from my shop if it comes in after this coming week, well it will wait till September and we will catch up then.

Thank you all for ordering with me and please check out. Randy Keys Music Songs of Pitcairn is also on CD

we have been getting request for both his and my CDs. so good to be able to do that.

Catch up soon.

July 2021 supply ship

Hi all. Our supply ship Silver supporter is due into NZ Today with our Mail sent out 2 weeks ago.

It will be a turn around and they are hoping to get here in July.

Due to Covid, every where in the world delivery has been extremely slow.

Please get in touch.

Thank you all for your support.

Meralda & Mum



BEES winter and Honey

Posted on July 9, 2019 at 3:45 PM

Hi all,

This year we have had it rather wet and cold and my hives have been struggling to keep up with demand and keeping healthy.

I have dropped my hives down to 1 box for a few weeks give them time to recoup our cooler weather and energize so they can build up again for the flow.

Please email me to find out the status of getting fresh pure honey from my hives.


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