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Tapa cloth, Honey, Coffee, Weaving, and more

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All products are made or processed by Meralda or Mavis Warren here at Maimiti Haven.

NOTE: Due to my mum Mavis age of 81 years young, she can still weave the Shopping baskets but will need advance notice. PLEASE email well ahead to maim[email protected] and I will ask her to make the basket for you.

ALL PRICES ARE IN NZ DOLLARS. A conversion is available on paypal.

Please contact me [email protected]

If you have problems ordering more than 1 Item please email me on [email protected] so I can send you an invoice through Paypal.

YOUR LOCATION is important for mailing cost. please let me know as postage may change and you may have a better deal.


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Maimiti Haven arts is our home where we create using as much of what grow here on Pitcairn Island and produce it here in our home.