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Honey flow is on

Posted on October 18, 2016 at 12:45 AM

"With all the natural


sweetness of tropical



I am proud to have my own label as well as being a part of PIPCO. Maimiti Haven is my own brand and the honey comes from my Hives situated up Melair surrounded by the Rose apple, Mango and Avacado's. All along the rich ground there is abundant small flowering grass. The flowering shrubs of the Lantana the running vines of the passionfruits, The Jesme trees in bloom at certain times of the year. Huddled in abundant clumps of Rauti which blooms prolifically during the winter months. The sweet smell sends the bees in a frenzied dance to capture each drop of nectar.


The Coffee in the valley of Jack Williams Valley help to add to the rich taste. "A Taste of Pitcairn"






fruits and flowers"


I have been a


Beekeeper for Pitcairn since 1978 and have kept bees since then. I have learnt many things about bee keeping on Pitcairn Island. One was a painful experience of being allergic to bees. After 5 years of desensitizing shots, I still keep bees on Pitcairn and have been helping my fellow Islanders to build their Hives, maintain them and also to help them to raise queens and re queen their hives.


In May 1998, the UK Government aid agency, the Department for International Development, funded an apiculture program for Pitcairn which included training for Pitcairn's bee keepers and a detailed analysis of the disease status of Pitcairn bees and honey. As a result, Pitcairn is now able to export honey products to New Zealand and beyond.


Pitcairn has one of the most disease free bee populations of anywhere in the world and the honey produced is of an exceptionally high quality. The apicultural scientist conducting the project, also found that Pitcairn bees were a particularly placid variety and within a short time, was able to work with them wearing minimal protection. It would therefore seem that the export of live Queen bees is another potential earner for the Pitcairn Islanders. The numbers of hives on the island is now around 70, with potential for perhaps 3 times that amount.



Each year the EU requires an extensive test of our Honey for disease and health standards. This is a great must for our clients in Europe.


This test is performed in New Zealand.


The rich and intense fruitiness of Pitcairn's honey is attributed to the nectar from the Mango, Lata, Passion Flower, Guava and Roseapple flowers found in abundance on Pitcairn.



Although we do not have the branding of Organic product on our label, Pitcairn Bees are totally disease free and there are an abundance of flowers all through out the year adding to its tantalizing flavours and nutritional values.


Thus we are proud to display the product as PURE HONEY.



There are different labels found on Pitcairn Island Honey Jars. Some of the Honey maybe from the same apiarists.


Pitcairn being a small Island in the middle of the pacific to date have a small population of 45people. There are 5 apiarist active with approximately 70 Hives working. These hives produces really well.


The peak flow season starts between August to April of each year and if we have a warm winter averaging between 22C-30C then the Honey flow could be year round.



We ship from Pitcairn 4 times a year. February/March- May/June- August/September- November/December. Please order or enquirer prior to these time tables so your goods can be packaged and mailed to catch the post.



Pitcairn Island Pure honey is packaged in 250g jars. The price per jar is NZ$12.00. Please go to shop at Maimiti Haven page to order your Honey or contact me by e mail :









You can contact me at anytime on



Meralda Warren




Posted on October 11, 2016 at 12:20 AM

Hi all,

The Honey is flowing big time and its coming out of the comb, spinning into the spinner and into the buckets. Jar and labels next ready for postage.

The flavour is outstanding with each spoonfull it presents a taste of pitcairn. 

get you Honey today. Packing for mail out starts begining of November.

Go to the webstore and get your fresh clean and awesome Pure Pitcairn Honey.


Thank you


Maimiti Haven Arts Facebook page

Posted on July 30, 2016 at 5:40 PM

Hello all,

It has been sometime since I can post on my website.

Please note in the store section there are new soaps and Feel gud packs available.

Now you can also reach me through Maimiti Havent Arts facebook page as well as through this website.

Thank you so much for your support.

Happy Shopping


Soap made by Me

Posted on June 27, 2016 at 4:10 PM

Soap making have become a big part of my lifestyle these days.

Gathering coconuts, Avocado seeds and Tamanu seeds have me trialing many different recipes.

Adding Honey to some recipes have made a smooth darkish brown soap.

The Avocado and Coconut soap have become a very popular soap onboard the cruise ships. This soap is made using the seed of the avocado,  una (grated) coconut cooked slowly over a couple of days and the blended with boiling hot water and passed through a fine mesh. This seperated the milk from the pulp. The pulp goes to feed my sister inlaws chickens and the milk is boiled in a big pot for several Hours.

The coconut & Avocado milk boils down until it cracks and the oil seperated from the finer pulp. stirring often so that the pulp would not burn and taint the oil. The oil is poured of through fine cloth and collander and drained so as the oil is seperated.

The oil is bottled into flask for sale.

The soap is made using the oil, Roseapple ash water and small amounts of caustic soda.

Honey, coconut & Palm soap is made the same way

Tamanu & Coconut oil is made similar way and recipe for soap is the same.

White Ginger flowers are infused in the oils before it is gently boiled and strained. bottled oil in flask or made into soap with the same recipe.

Check out the shop.

Please if you have any questions please email me on

August supply ship 2016

Posted on June 23, 2016 at 9:55 AM

Dear Happy customers,

The weather is spitting out rain and wind with a feeling of cool in the air.

The perfect climate to grow a great garden and harvest the many citrus fruits of the season.

Please feel free to contact me and ask about what we have available at Maimiti Haven shop.

Mail close end of August. date to be confirmed.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Best regards,


Mail close for June 2016

Posted on May 30, 2016 at 9:50 PM

Dear happy customers,

Mail is closed for June 2016 Claymore ll shipment.

Thank you to the ones who have orders with us at Maimiti Haven.

Keep in touch.

Best regards


Happy 2016

Posted on January 3, 2016 at 8:35 PM

Its been a while since I posted on my blog and one by one my followers have dispersed but I do get the occassional contact via email.

One of the reasons I have slowed to almost a stop is because our internet charges are high and the upload or down load is so slow.

Nevermine an email is always welcome and enquiry about our site of shop is most welcome.

2016 started of with the ringing of the bell in the square right next to our house and the few who gathered singing. The morning dawned a beautiful day and the highlight of my day was swimming in Bounty bay with our Cushana and family joining in. The afternoon was a treat and we spent the late afternoon under the big Brazillizn almond known to us as Big Mango. The shared dinner was superb and the jokes and laughter creamed the days end.

We wish you all a Happy New Year and may the spirit of the season bring you all happiness and a positive future.

EU license now valid

Posted on June 16, 2014 at 3:00 PM

It took us 13 month to be put back on the EU license list.

After many emails and phone calls we have battled our way back on the EU list again.

Thank you to all involved in getting us that place.

The 1st internationa Bounty Festival

Posted on November 23, 2013 at 3:10 PM

Tahiti here we come. 3 PI delegates collected our heavy bulging suitcases and headed through the arrival door to be swamped with hugs, leis and good will. Beni and Teresa Huber were there to greet us as well as our Family Alda & Millie. Madzia & Simon were filming as we burst through the doors. the Tahit press and a few independent reporters as well as visitors who came to PI earlier were eager to meet the 3 of us who have travelled 5 days to be in Tahiti. To get this far it was a quadbike ride to Bounty bay. a canoe trip to the yach- a yach sail for 3 days- truck-ferry and plane.


Beni and Teresa took us to Royal Tahitian where we checked in and settled before heading into the pool. ah Ca beat et.

Dinner was an experience as the meals were huge and thinking it was a starter, mains and dessert turned into a big belly full of delicous food.

Plans the next day to walk to the James Norman Hall museum and have lunch with Nancy & Nick. Maurice Bligh to join us. we met Vivienne and the other girls at the museum, walk to Carrefour and then back to the hotel. a 3 mile trekk but the swimming pool was oh so worth it.


1st international Bounty Festival October 2013

Posted on November 23, 2013 at 2:40 PM


On the 17th October 2013 the sailing yacht Concinelle arrived from Mangareva and hove of the Island for a few hours.

Gilles ruffets mission was to pick up the 3 Bounty delegates, Mike & Brenda Lupton Christian and myself. Heather Menzies the Tourism Coordinator joined us in Tahit on the evening of 23rd.

The Concinelle sailed us to mangareva in fine time and we were alongside the warf at 5am on the morning of the 20th. when the bakery opened for trade we were there to buy frsh bagets and juice for breakfast. Yum. The nice breakfast over we ofloaded our bags soon had our accomodation sorted, luggage loaded on the truck and being zoomed over the hill and on the otherside of Mangareva to a quiet spot. Staying at the Pension Maori we quickly dumped our bags inside our bungalos and headed for the lagoon a few meters from our bungalo. The simple pleasure of swiming in the lagoon and refreshing ourselves after 3 days of yacht life is such a treat.

We walked a bit after a nice lunch and then rested a bit enjoying the company of our host as well as our chef. friendships were quickly made and we enjoyed the beauty of Mangareva. the next day we went to Rikitea and did some chores we needed to do at the Postoffice and deliveries to Edmonds Shop. we Met the Mayoress Monique and she quickly invited us for lunch at Jojos cafe.

Relations between PI and Mangareva meldinging into the ever strengthing bond we wandered the settlement greeting folks we befriended on other trips. Greating cousins and friends. We had a wonderful lunch and then were driven to Terry Youngs grave by the Mayors aid. Monique joined us before heading back to work.

A walk down to the church and then back to the warf where we met with Gilles and his family. so we then trod back to meet the girls at school and then for a walk to the Stadium. The weather started to turn so we headed back and the kids were tired. Back to Jojo's for a nice icecream.

Franscois found us there and we went back to the pension with her as it had started to bucket down with rain.

A nice relaxing afternoon and internet was working. Bags packed and ready for the next days flight out to Tahiti.

Beautiful day for flying and we were soon winging our way to Tahiti. 


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